Wythia News
Author: axis005
Date: Oct 29, 2016
After a lot of issues, troubles, issues, lack of time, being sick, and so on... I am back in action. Ran into a lot of snags in this project but work is still on going! More updates on the way!

Author: axis005
Date: Aug 11, 2016
To all those waiting, there have been many ups and down within the game development that have caused to stop and start an uncountable number of times, but we are back on track now! Back to the grind to try and bring about a new age of Wythia. We have only a few more parts that need coded into the game, and we will be opening the doors for testing!

Author: axis005
Date: May 29, 2016
We at Wythia know many of you have wait years, literally, for a new version of the game. Well we have some wonder and amazing news. Generation 6 is nearing completion, well at least the core features! We are hoping to start internal/invite only alpha testing within a week! The goal is to start an open BETA in the middle of June, and have a full scale launch o Continue Reading